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You are ready for being a mom or dad. And, you want to have a baby immediately. Thus, you are looking for the ways of how to get pregnant fast and easy. You have many questions like what are the positions to get pregnant fast, how can I get pregnant fast, how to get pregnant fast with irregular periods, I need to get pregnant this month, what should I do?

Don’t worry, you have landed on the most comprehensive how to get pregnant fast guide.

How to Get Pregnant

Now, read our seven steps of how to get pregnant fast and easy. You can enroll in our pre-pregnancy online course and get yourself ready for a healthy pregnancy.

1.      Stop Your Birth Control

Once you decided to get pregnant, the first thing you must do is going off your birth control. You must do this at least three months before your start trying to get pregnant especially if you were using contraceptive pills as birth control method.

How to Get Pregnant

Because it may take a few months to get back on regular periods after you stop taking contraceptive pills. However, keep in mind that you will be able to conceive after you stopped taking pills.

2.      Boost Sperm Quality

How to get pregnant fast does not rely on your habits solely. Healthy sperm is crucial for getting pregnant fast and easily. Men can take several actions in order to improve the quality and health of their sperms.

  • Quit Smoking: if your partner is smoking or using tobacco products, this will reduce the quality of sperm. It is better if he quits smoking at least three months before you are trying to get pregnant.
  • Do Not Drink Too Much Alcohol: alcoholic drinks reduce the quality of sperms. Men should avoid drinking alcohol more than one or two glasses a day.
  • If your partner is overweight, he should lose weight before your conception attempts.
  • Men should get Take Zinc, folic acid and Vitamin C, which will increase the sperm production and also increase the health of the sperm.
  • Avoid from hot: man testicles perform best at 94 to 96 Fahrenheit (34.5-35.5 Celsius) degrees. This is why evolutionarily the testicles of men are external to their body, to keep the sperms in a cooler environment.

How to Get Pregnant

Once a man does these, it will take some time for the sperm to mature. After three months of applying these habits, sperm specimen of men will be healthier. This will ease to get pregnant easily and faster.

3.      Improve Your Health

You will be carrying out the world’s most precious thing in your womb. Your little one deserves the best place right? You must take care of your body and health in order to ensure a health pregnancy. This is the first step for the health of your baby.

Once you decided to get pregnant, start taking folic acid at least three months before you start trying to conceive. Folic acid will be very useful for the health of your womb and it will improve the neural system, stamina and skeleton of your baby as well. Based on the scientific researches, folic acid helps in reducing the certain birth defects. You can talk to your doctor and ask for the best folic acid supplement that will be suitable for you. This is one of the fundamental things of how to get pregnant steps.

How to Get Pregnant

Like the men, women also must quit unhealthy habits. Drinking alcohol, smoking, using drugs, or being overweight will reduce the possibilities of conception. Another important point is, you must limit your caffeine consumption to less than 300 milligrams (16 ounces) a day. This makes two cups of coffee at most.

You can enroll in our online pre-pregnancy course and make sure that you did all necessary steps to have a healthy pregnancy.

4.      Visit Your Doctor

You stopped your birth control methods, your partner did his duties to improve the quality of his sperms, and you did your tasks to improve your health. All these will increase the chance of getting pregnant fast and easy. However, there might be unseen risks or health issues you must deal before getting pregnant.

Therefore, it is critical to visit your doctor before you conceive. Some little warts or other things in the uterus might need to be frozen or healed before you conceive. Otherwise, these can cause problems during your pregnancy.

How to Get Pregnant

If you have irregular periods, this might affect your conception as well. Irregular periods might be the sign of fertility problems. Tell your doctor about your irregular periods and your doctor will be finding optimum ways that will help you to get pregnant.

Since some medical treatments cannot be applied during pregnancy, it is critical to visit your doctor and make sure your uterus, your womb and your body in general is ready to welcome your unborn little one.

Once you ensured these four steps of how to get pregnant, you can start your conception attempts.

5.    Track Your Ovulation

In order to increase the chance of getting pregnant, you must have sex at the best time that your body will be ready to conception. The highest possibility to get pregnant is having sex just before you ovulate.

Traditional methods for determining the ovulation time were counting days of menstrual cycle. In general, menstrual cycles last in 28 days and in 14th day of the menstrual cycle, ovulation takes place. Couples were having sex starting from 12th till 16th day of the menstrual cycle to increase the chance of conception. During ovulation, body temperature increases a bit and you can use basal body temperature (BBT) to determine your ovulation time as well.

How to Get Pregnant

Although above methods are very common, it is easier to detect ovulation time with the help of ovulation predictor kits (OPKs). Luteinizing hormone (LH) is surged through urine 36 to 48 hours before ovulation. OPKs detect this LH and lets you know that you will ovulate in next 36-48 hours.

There are two types of OPKs in the market. If you have regular cycles, you can use the OPKs that are used only around a week before ovulation since you roughly know when you will ovulate. The other type of OPKs are used each they since it is tough to predict your ovulation day if you have irregular cycles.

6.    Watch The Best Time to Have Sex

Once you can track your ovulation timing, you can determine the best times to have sex. Sperms can stick and live in uterus and fallopian tubes for two to three days. However, once an egg is ovulated, it has 12 to 24 hours for fertilization.

Therefore, the best time to have sex is the day before the ovulation. By this way, once the egg is ovulated, there will be sperm around which will increase the chance of conception.

How to Get Pregnant
Let’ draw how to get pregnant through a regular and common menstrual cycle. This will help you better understand how to get pregnant easily and faster.

For a typical 28-day menstrual cycle (where you ovulate on day 14), here is what you will do:

How to Get Pregnant

7.    The Best Sex Positions to Get Pregnant Fast

There are myths about the sex positions like “the missionary position is the best position to increase the chance of getting pregnant.” Don’t you know the missionary position? Look at the figure below. It is the fundamental common sex position where the woman lies and the man comes on top and they look each other face-to-face.

how to get pregnant fast
Missionary Position

However, there is not a best position that will increase the chance of conception. The important point start when sperms flow into the vagina. Nature of the vagina is sloping downward. Therefore, once the sperm comes, it is better the woman lies down on her back, which will allow sperms to meet with eggs easily.

Does the time of the day affect the chance of getting pregnant? Based on some research, sperms are at the highest level in the morning. However, there is not an optimal time of day to have sex for increasing the chance of conception. The most important tip of how to get pregnant about having sex is, woman must lie down and wait for 15-20 minutes to increase the chance of fertilization.


DON’Ts of Having Sex

  • Do not use lubricants. You might think that lubricants will help sperms to move faster in the vagina that will help to get pregnant faster. However, this is not true. Lubricants may affect the pH balance of vagina and this can reduce the sperm mobility.
  • Do not worry even if you had not orgasm. It will be awesome if you will have an orgasm while trying to get pregnant. However, do not worry if you did not have. Because, it will not affect the possibility of conception.

Conclussion of How to Get Pregnant

If the woman is under 35 years old and if there are not any medical issues pertaining to get pregnant, it is recommended to try for at least one year naturally to conceive. Based on statistics, couples having regular sex have the 18-22% possibility to get pregnant even if they try everything appropriately.

If the woman is over 35 and there has not been conception for more than 6 months, it is better to visit your doctor. After the doctor’s examination, alternative methods (like IVF) can be proposed.

How to Get Pregnant Fast
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