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You have just met the right partner you want to raise a child with. Your career plan required remarkable concentration and made you postpone being a mother to a later date. When the time for getting pregnant has arrived, you are already 40 years old (or maybe older). Getting pregnant at 40 means extra care and attention comparing to a 25-year-old woman.

Many woman in their 40s want to know if it is too late to be a mother. Here is the answer: NO. But, you should know it would not be as easy as before 40. This may make feel anxious about moving on to what you want or plan about getting pregnant at 40, but do not forget that new figures reveals the increasing number of women being mother after like 35 years old.

What are the reasons for that kind of an increase? Statistically, people get married in older ages for the last decades comparing the previous decades. Study and career have become one of the most important parts of life. These are the most common reasons for not giving birth until 35.

So, at the beginning of this writing, I want to remind you of “You are not alone!”

The chance of getting pregnant at 40

Every year counts when it comes to getting pregnant after 30s: you have about 20 per cent chance of conceiving at 40 while the number becomes less than 5 by the mid-40’s. Your chance to get pregnant is both related to the number and quality of the eggs, and your changing body as you aged may not provide you with them. Start with accepting this possibility, by not forgetting the increasing number of fertility rate of women aged 40.

To take things under control, the general recommendation for woman over 40 is to apply a doctor if they cannot get pregnant in 3 months after starting to try. While trying to get pregnant, you can take vitamins, eat a better diet, exercise, cut out the unhealthy stuff such as caffeine, cigarettes, and alcohol and try to reduce stress. Small changes in your lifestyle may mean a lot for the baby.

Getting Pregnant at 40

Your doctor can hep you with getting pregnant at 40

If you cannot get pregnant for long time, go and knock the doors of a doctor. Only a doctor can tell you the reason for not getting pregnant at 40 by checking up your uterus, fallopian tubes, thyroid function and egg count etc. and by testing male partner’s sperm.

If your body and your partner’s body is fertile, then timing becomes important. Ovulation does not always occur right in the middle of a menstrual cycle and you can use ovulation predictor tools for the right timing. There may be months that you do not ovulate. If you are ovulating, you can do some legwork to find what sexual positions best help the sperm travel the right way.

There are many examples of women giving birth even after 50 and 60. It may sound impossible but Frieda Birnbaum of New Jersey had twins at 60, and Janise Wulf of California had a baby at 62. Never give up! Try everything you can!

Common problems that you must know

One of the most common problems in getting pregnant at 40 is the criticism of other people. Upon your decision on being a mother after 40, you will realize many people will not be very comfortable with it. They may tell you that you are risking your own and baby’s health.

Just take a deep breath, stay calm and tell them the latest researches and leading academics are approving mothership at 40; and remind them of the advantages of what you are about to do – we will mention these advantages a few lines below. You may feel alienated in some days, but these days will be gone when your baby arrives. They will admire your new born!

The risk of complications during a pregnancy rises dramatically after the age 40. And because egg quality declines as you age, there’s greater chance of genetic disorders, like Down syndrome, and of miscarriage. Because the mom-to-be’s blood pressure usually goes higher, the possibility of growing gestational diabetes increases. As a result, the glucose screening test becomes a must. All women over 35 are motivated to have prenatal screening done at around 12 weeks to notice any possible chromosomal abnormalities.

So what about the other possible problems?

One in three women over age 40 gives birth to their baby by Caesarean because they are at increased risk of having a stillborn baby after 40 weeks. Women getting pregnant at 40 are often scheduled right at the 40-week mark, if the baby hasn’t arrived already.

You must be ready for a miscarriage as the increased change of chromosomal problems also increases the likelihood of miscarriage. Half of all pregnant women aged 42 end up their pregnancy with miscarriage. This sad figure rises to three quarters for women over 45 or more. On the other hand do not forget that that there are plenty of women in their 40s who have no trouble with their pregnancies and have perfectly healthy babies.

Also, one miscarriage is not the end of your story. The technology cooperates with medicine and helps people who want to have baby though their body makes it more difficult than others. In addition, medications can keep some other contradictions under control. Your doctor will probably try their best if you really do want this baby.

Let’s say you gave birth perfectly and you have a very energetic child now. Parenting can be exhausting as your child is always on action to discover the world, and you need to follow them. This may make you feel too fatigue to chase them in case they can – and mostly will – need you from time to time. Considering this, try to be sure that your partner shares the responsibility to spend time with the baby or toddler.

getting pregnant

On the other hand hopefully the wisdom from all this life experience will help assure you that each complication is not so hard to handle, even though your body would suggest otherwise. Take the advantage of your life experience. This will be your biggest way to take care of yourself and your baby.

The advantages of having child after 40

Despite the difficulties complications of getting and being pregnant at these ages, A 40-year-women is usually much more ready for the baby both emotionally and financially as you had time to earn and save until you became a mother. You probably don’t have the stress of work or school or wondering; “What am I going to do with my life?” And, financial power means a lot for mothers.

You enjoyed your life giving your money and energy just your own desires. Now, you are sure that you are ready to share them with the younger member of your family. You probably have witness many friends giving birth and you are kind of feeling like you are experienced in this. This feeling helps you relax about what to do during your pregnancy and after giving birth.

There is a research revealing that mothers getting pregnant at 40 live longer than those starting their families earlier. This statement does not mean giving birth adds years to your life span; but giving birth after 40 is a good sign of strong and healthy body.

Taking care of your baby

You also had time to know you partner pretty well; so you trust them to be a good parent to your child. Your life expectations are definite (at least more than 15 years ago). You are a lot surer of what kind of a parent they will be – even though you can never be totally sure! Considering the care for baby after birth, they may be really supportive to share the responsibilities. Also, you can work with a babysitter to give you some breaks to have rest.

Under these circumstances, you will raise your child wisely and focus the needs of your child; because you have achieved many of your personal and career goals.

Good luck with your little one!

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