Lamaze Class: 5 Facts You Should Now Before Attending

If you or your partner is pregnant, it is best to attend a childbirth class to get ready for birth. A childbirth class will prepare you for labor and birth. There are several types of childbirth classes: Lamaze class, The Bradley method class, Alexander technique class, Hypnobirthing class, etc.

Lamaze class is one of the most popular childbirth classes. In this article, you will learn whether the Lamaze method is suitable for you, when you should attend a Lamaze class, how you should choose the appropriate Lamaze class and curriculum of a Lamaze class as well. Let’s read on to learn details of Lamaze method.

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Babedu Academy Reviews – Parent Stories

Babedu Academy trained 40,000+ parents from 55+ countries. George, Linda and Nancy are only three of them. They made a Babedu Academy reviews and shared their experiences with Babedu Academy.

Babedu Academy Reviews: Linda & George from Florida

Babedu Academy Reviews

Question: Can you please explain your experience about Babedu Academy?

Linda: Hi, My Name is Linda

George: and My Name is George.

Linda: We are from Florida, Miami. After we learned that I was pregnant, George and I were so excited. We wanted to make sure that we would do everything correct for the health of our baby. We decided to read books and enroll in classes to learn tips for a healthy pregnancy. This is where Babedu Academy came in.

George: I saw that the common way of learning things about pregnancy is reading pregnancy books. When I came across with Babedu Academy, I showed it to Linda since she was looking for pregnancy books and classes. I thought, watching a self-paced online pregnancy training would be too much comfortable rather than reading several books or looking for available pregnancy classes in town.

Linda: Courses were so affordable compared to pregnancy classes in Florida. Babedu Academy’s pregnancy courses allowed me to follow the lectures whenever I wanted. I was able to watch at home, over a lunch break at work, or on the train while I was commuting.

The course content was comprehensive and well structured. It was easy to follow and included detailed theory as well as practical tips for a healthy pregnancy. Throughout my training, the instructor was always responsive to my questions and the customer service support was excellent.

George: Although we were looking for a pregnancy course for Linda, I could be able to watch the content as well. This made me ready for the big change in our life.

Linda: Babedu Academy helped us to feel confident and assured that we were doing everything in our own power.

Thanks to Babedu Academy!

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Babedu Academy Review: Nancy, mum of a 1 year-old-girl from Chicago

Babedu Academy Review

Hi, I am Nancy, mum of a 1 year-old-girl from Chicago.

I enrolled in Babedu Academy’s pregnancy courses when I was pregnant.

Even though there were other pregnancy classes available in Chicago, I was really impressed with the quality of Babedu Academy’s online pregnancy courses. The best part was learning all medical information for a healthy pregnancy as well as getting practical tips to make my pregnancy more comfortable.

Another helpful tool was the built in handouts provided. It was easy to take notes as I watched the lectures.

Above else though, with my full-time schedule, I needed a pregnancy course course that allowed me to study and tune into lectures when it fit best with my schedule. Babedu Academy’s course pace is extremely flexible! I was able to fit the course into my schedule, not the other way around.

After completing the courses, I was confident during my pregnancy and as the time closes to birth.

To be honest, my schedule was a bit hectic before enrolling. Because I never enrolled in an online course before, I was a little intimidated. However, my experience was great! And compared to the pregnancy classroom trainings, this course was incomparably affordable.

I definitely recommend Babedu Academy as a means for a healthy pregnancy.

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You’ll be as happy as our 40,000+ parents community. Linda, George and Nancy are only three of them!

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Babedu Academy Review
Review by: Nancy
5 / 5 stars